Northants Writers' Ink group publishing projects


Northants Writers’ Ink has published two anthologies, both available on Amazon and other good book-selling websites.

Tales of the Scorpion

Published 2015, is a collection of short stories and poems, each with a twist or sting in the tail. Stories include Guido's Door, a disturbing story about a haunted prison; Queen of Swords, a tale about emotionally confused Tarot readers; Deborah's Diary, the secrets of a mass murderer; A Different Type of Service, one of several stories featuring passionate love triangles; Making an English Lady, fun and frolics at a mediaeval orgy; Learnin' the Family Business, the blooding of a young member of the Mafia set in 1920s' New York.

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While Glancing out of a Window

Published 2016, has 45 short stories. 9 poems. 2 scripts. 1 essay. 9 authors. Crime and drama. Ghost and horror. History and myth. Humour and whimsy. Science fiction. Love and romance. While glancing out of a window is Northants Writers’ Ink’s 2nd anthology.

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