Gordon Adams

Gordon Adams is a marketing consultant living in Buckinghamshire. He is the author of two non-fiction books on career change, both originally published by Infinite Ideas: Overcoming Redundancy (first published 2009) and The Great Mid-Life Career Switch (2010). The second edition of Overcoming Redundancy was published in 2015 by New Generation Publishing.

Northants Writers’ Ink’s anthology While Glancing out of a Window, published by New Generation Publishing in 2016, contains four short stories by Gordon and represent his first published works of fiction.

Pat Aitcheson

Pat Aitcheson has always been in love with words. Her writing life was greatly enlivened by joining Northants Writers’ Ink in 2015. She finds group meetings encouraging and supportive, and motivate her to write regularly. Her reading and writing tastes are similar: science fiction, fantasy and contemporary. Her sci-fi novel Looking for Heaven was long-listed for the 2016 Bath Novel Award. She now seeks an agent to represent her while she works on the sequel. She has also completed a fantasy novella Heart of Fire as well as numerous short stories and poems.

At her blog 2squarewriting.com, she posts weekly thoughts on writing, as well as occasional shorter pieces. She fits her writing around her family, garden and a busy full-time job.

Deborah Bromley

Deborah Bromley writes fiction with a paranormal twist. As a past life and life-between-lives therapist she has a working relationship with the world of spirit. She wants to bring more readers to this genre by making it accessible and interesting.

She is never without a stack of books by her bedside. Her tastes range from police procedurals to romance via thrillers and post-vampire apocalypse dystopian sagas. Her two novels, The Channelling Group and The Walk-In (both paranormal adventures with a dash of romance) are available in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon. She contributed a story to the best-selling Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Dr Michael Newton, pioneering author of Journey of Souls.

Her 2018 book, an anthology of short stories and poetry, is called Challenges from the Writers' Group. It contains all the pieces from Deborah's three year membership of Northants Writers' Ink with commentary about each challenge and notes about the inspiration for each piece. Deborah then invites the reader to decide if she has successfully completed the challenges. The book is now available in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.

Deborah's latest project is a collaboration with the internationally respected Monroe Institute through its Hemi-Sync label. She has recorded a guided meditation called Creating a Positive Future (backed by unique hemi-sync binaural tones) which can be purchased/downloaded from the website www.hemi-sync.com. Find out more by visiting www.db-hypnosis.co.uk

James Dart

James Dart is a young aspiring writer with an LPC, a Law Degree at Master’s level, is a consultant at a Northampton based Insurance Compliance firm and is a black belt in Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Karate.

He has loved telling stories since he was a child, constructing imaginary adventures for friends, writing short fanfictions about his favourite TV characters and loving the creative writing aspects of English lessons. Now he has a short story published in Northants Writers' Ink 2017 anthology with an online fan-series and a novel in the pipeline.

Tracey Goddard

Tracey is a relative newcomer to the writing world. After a significant career in the Civil Service, Tracey returned to education in 2009 to undertake a Drama and Theatre degree at Aberystwyth University. Here Tracey joined various drama societies and wrote her first short play for a One Act Festival. Both the formal study and extracurricular activities provided several opportunities for creative and script writing, encouraging Tracey to further her interest in writing and undertake an MA in Scriptwriting for Screen and Radio.

Tracey left her role as a Talent Co-ordinator for BBC Earth to relocate nearer to her family. After a couple of administrative roles, Tracey has recently started a writing blog - traceysays.wordpress.com with the hope this will lead to other writing projects.

Jason McClean

Jason McClean is married with two fantastic children that fill up his days with more happiness than he ever thought possible. Name checks for Gaelen and Ariane, not to mention his much loved wife, Lyn. Jason enjoys mountain biking in his spare time and the older he gets the bigger the jumps he is completing. He enjoys riding on the roads as well. With a background in motorcycle journalism (Chief Reporter at Motorcycle News and Editor of Inside Line, the Motorcycle Trade Magazine), Jason wrote the biography of his friend and triple British Superbike Champion John Reynolds, published by Haynes in 2008.

Jason is currently writing short stories and building up his voice and writing style for fiction novels. He reads a lot and enjoys thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and young adult genres. He likes cinema (a brief spell as a cinema critic when training as a journalist was one of the best jobs in the world), travelling, theatre, eating out, property investing and meeting interesting new people.

Michael J Richards

Michael is founder Chair of Northants Writers’ Ink. In 2015, he edited Northants Writers’ Ink first anthology Tales of the Scorpion and in 2016, its second, While Glancing out of a Window. The third anthology, Talking Without Being Interrupted, published in 2017, was also edited by Michael. All three books are available from Amazon (paperback and Kindle versions) and other good bookselling websites.

He is also Chair of Northampton Literature Group and leads its Writing Circle. He is a Deputy Chair of Northampton Writing Group, a member of Northants Authors and a judge for the H E Bates Short Story Competition.

In 2014, he published Afterwards Our Buildings Shape Us, a comic horror novella. In 2015, he wrote and directed The Isolated Essence of a Subject, a twenty-minute film. In 2017, he published Bodies for Sale!, a collection of twenty weird tales, and Frank Peters: His Life, Times and Crimes, the true life story of a career criminal. All Michael's books are available from Amazon and online booksellers.

Allan Shipham

Allan Shipham is a founder member and former Treasurer of Northants' Writers Ink. New to writing as a hobby, he uses the support from the group to develop his skills, exploring new ideas and undertake challenges set by the other members of the group. When Tales of the Scorpion was published, Allan developed a single short story he had already written. In the second anthology he shares a wide scope of his work for your enjoyment.

Rosalie Weller

Rosalie J Weller writes: short story writing is a new genre for Rosalie J Weller who prefers to write historical fiction. Her current book project is a novel based on the life of Oliver Cromwell’s wife, Elizabeth Bourchier. Rosalie is an ordained minister of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa and, in this capacity, has written two Bible Study books: David – a Man for our Times (2018); The Prison Letters: a Collection of Bible Studies (2018), both available from Amazon and other good online booksellers. She is working on a third, Tell Me The Stories of Jesus. Having lived in South Africa for eighteen years, she set an earlier novel, The Greek Tycoon’s Treasure (2015), there. Written under the pseudonym Rosalie Franzel, it is also available from Amazon. Besides writing, Rosalie is a keen book collector, particularly of Africana and can often be found browsing at book auctions and book fairs.

Karl Willett

I am Karl Lorenz Willett and was born in the mid-1950s in St Kitts, West Indies. I have been unfortunate to have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I have made this disguised blessing very much a part of whom I am and have been fortunate throughout my life to write about sad, depressed and also despairing times and the pride, joy and also happiness which I have been blessed.

I feel rewarded with helping people without mental illnesses to have an understanding of feelings which enable them to mentalise the impairment in my mind which were my lived experiences.

The most important person in my life is my wife, Euphemia. She has remained steadfastly and lovingly with me and is the mother of my three wonderful adult children and granny to our three delightful grandchildren.

Northants Writers’ Ink is helping me to better my craft of being an author. Although I struggle with cognitive impairment, I am fascinated by how members craft their writing. I am looking to diverge from creative non-fiction to YA or children’s fiction. Northants Writers’ Ink is relevant to getting me prepared to write fiction.

Nick Wogden

N M Wogden writes: I was born and raised in Barnstaple, North Devon, and moved to the Wellingborough area last year for a new job and to be closer to my partner.

I have been writing science fiction fantasy for several years now but I am still trying to get my first book published.

I joined Northants Writers’ Ink last year in order to improve my writing style and to get some peer reviews about my work and ways to improve it.

Chris Wright

Chris is an IT analyst and programmer, based in Wellingborough. He is married to the long - suffering Karen and has three grown children and two growing grand-children.

With an educational background in maths and computing, he has always had a keen interest in both reading and watching science fiction. Writing was a later development and science fiction the natural destination. Northants Writers' Ink has been a great help both in developing his skills and broadening the genres that he's willing to tackle.